10 Most Popular Drinks at the Casino

First of all, tea and coffee of different varieties with different additives and tastes. Tea is especially good in the evening among players who do not like alcoholic beverages. Poker players love green tea that calms the nerves.

Other players prefer a strong black tea to recharge their energy values a little. The third category of players is the largest, which during gambling does not drink tea and coffee, they start the game day with alcoholic beverages. Let’s see together what the public likes at the big casinos.

In order to make a cocktail, bartenders do not mix the ingredients in the shaker, and immediately pour into the glass. In addition to tea, coffee, many casinos expand the range of drinks, so they offer their guests syrups, juices, fruits. If you have ordered a cobbler, it is necessary to drink it slowly through a straw, enjoying every drop of the drink, while not from the bottom, but from the top layer. That’s how you get the most out of your cobbler.

There should always be ice in a cobbler, the bartender should fill half of the glass with ice, and only then add the rest of the cocktail components. This drink doesn’t need to be stirred additionally. Cobbler is very good to take with nuts, sweet biscuits, fruit. Whatever the rules of the game place, you should not walk around the halls with this drink, you can accidentally spill it on someone’s tuxedo, but worse, it can not be mixed, so order yourself this drink, drink, enjoy and then go on your business.

TOP 10 Drinks


This drink probably comes first. It’s what the famous Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt prefer to play blackjack. Often in many casinos this drink is offered for free to players. It is best to have a glass of foam at the game of machines or the same blackjack. Serve it in bottles or glasses, which cool down in advance. By the way, in the Middle Ages, beer was drunk even more often than water. And all because water was often untreated and could carry infections, unlike beer, which contains a small percentage of alcohol and was safer in those days.

Cocktail 7 & 7

Even the lucky numbers already dispose players to use it. Well, this cocktail is great for crepe and blackjack. The strength of the drink is 40%. They serve it with ice and a piece of lime in high glasses. This drink is more popular with girls.

Vodka and Red Bull…

Such a cocktail is good for those who have long been in a gambling establishment – it will cheer up and add strength. It’s a good drink for roulette. They serve it chilled in high glasses. The drink contains about 40% alcohol and a killer dose of caffeine.

Bloody Mary cocktail…

Well, it’s a legendary drink. It’s also a great refreshing drink for even ragged larks at night! They usually drink it with vodka, but you can order this cocktail in gin or tequila. The drink contains about 40% alcohol. And they serve it in glasses decorated with a celery leaf. It’s suitable for blackjack and poker players.

By the way, “Bloody Mary” was the favorite cocktail of shocking Salvador Dali and beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Whiskey and soda, whiskey and coke

This drink is light and capable of both refreshing and relaxing. It’s suitable for poker or blackjack. It contains about 60% alcohol, and is served either in tall glasses of ice or in small stacks and a glass of Coke on ice.

Irish coffee

It’s better ordered to those who’ve already been late for a poker game. It is also very good for those who want to catch luck at the slot machines. This drink contains from 40 to 60 percent alcohol, and is served in beautiful, tall glasses with a handle with whipped cream. On top of it is decorated with a cherry berry. By the way, it was offered to travelers in Ireland who wanted to get warm from the cold.

Bond cocktail

The name of the cocktail came from a movie where Agent 007 asks to make him a drink of vodka, gin, and Kina Lillet (or other vermouth). They decorate it with lemon. This drink is well relaxed, has a middle fortress and is suitable for playing slots or just relaxing from playing in the lounge area. Serve it in a martini and lemon glass.

Double Old Feshn Cocktail

This cocktail is loved by men. But the ladies would love to take a few sips, too. It’s served decorated with cherries or lemon and ice in a glass. The fortress is about 45-50%. It’s considered a classic men’s cocktail.

Alcoholic Mojito

This cocktail is very popular for hot days. But it’s mostly preferred by women. The strength of the drink is about 35%, it is served in a tall glass with ice, decorated with mint and lime or lemon. The cocktail is ideal for card games.

Gin and tonic

And now this is the most classic classic! Suitable for leisurely games, as well as you can order a cocktail, if you are nervous because of the lost bet. Serve it in low glasses, decorated with lime. The alcohol content of it is 40%.


You will like it!

“Casino” Cocktail


  • Gin Old Tom – 40 ml
  • Maraschino liqueur – 10 ml
  • Lemon juice – 10 ml
  • Bitter Orange – 10 ml


  • Cool the cocktail glass;
  • Pour all the ingredients into the shaker;
  • Pour a piece of ice into the shaker and shake the drink well;
  • Pour the cocktail into the cocktail glass using a streiner and a fire extinguisher;
  • Decorate with a cocktail cherry at the bottom of the glass.
  • You can add a twist of lemon or orange peel.

Cooking Inventory:

Cooking Inventory

History of the Casino Cocktail:

coctail “Casino” is probably one of the few classic cocktails whose history is lost deep in time. The only mention of this masterpiece is in Harry Craddock’s “The Savoy Cocktail Book” in 1930.

But there’s no record of who first “made” the Casino cocktail. We can only assume that this man was a gambler who gambled off the jackpot and then came up with this cocktail. But we don’t really know that.

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